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Tier 1 - All Tier 1 jobs are suitable for anyone with a performing background, may this be armature dramatics or the occasional open mic night. These opportunities are not reliant on experience and are great way to hone your skills.


Tier 2 - All Tier 2 jobs are suitable for anyone who has been working in the industry as a professional for a minimum of one year. These opportunities rely on experience and are often in connection to large corporations, resorts or tours.  

Auditions - At The Clik we aim to provide opportunities for all however, as a professional organisation we owe it to our members to ensure the highest standards. After apply for any position advertised at The Clik, you will attend an audition if you have been shortlisted by the employer or ourselves. There are occasions where as an organisation we may contact you with an opportunity even though you may not see this position advertised. 

The Clik Talent does not guarantee any members employment, instead it allows all members the best possible chance of being noticed by leading casting professionals, cruise directors, holiday resorts and many more.