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The Clik has a membership that are suitable for all. If you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional, we can provide you with a new set of tools that will "place" you on a different level to others. As a business we can work with you to make sure you are providing those who visit your venue the "best of the best", whether you're looking for a resident show team or a visiting act. 

The Clik 

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Since I've become a member of The Clik, I feel like I've got an edge on everyone else. It's like I'm tapped into a specialised network full of job opportunities.


I'm an Entertainment Manager and I've found The Clik to be super beneficial. I have an insight into a different way of booking acts and help finding team members. My life has become easier. 


I reached out to The Clik to help with a fundraising event. It was super easy to get everything together and worth becoming a member. It's a small price to pay for great support and tools.